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You provide the aircraft. KEF provides the autonomy.

Since our founding in 2018, KEF has focused on developing vision-based 'pilots' for aircraft.  KEF’s mission is to leverage the visual spectrum (EO and IR) to provide onboard safety and autonomy systems for new and existing aircraft.  We write lightweight and robust software, and partner with aircraft developers to design and implement and integrate our autonomy as seamlessly as possible. Our experience allows us to upgrade an aircraft rapidly and at a low cost.  While we’ll consider any challenge involving a deployment, our preferred hardware specifications are available for review.


Partnering with KEF allows an aircraft developer to upgrade their aircraft without hiring their own software team, and benefit from KEF's years of development and flight time. In our engagements with customers we’re highly transparent, always seek a win-win, and eager to get flying.

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Stereo vision allows our software to detect hazards using EO and IR cameras and plan safe trajectories at short and long ranges. 


We use a nadir-pointing camera and optical flow to provide 'relative' navigation to an aircraft.  We fly in the day time and at night while in GPS denied environments.


Without GPS, aircraft can use visual landmarks to determine their position.  KEF's software provides a solution regardless of the season or time of day, and robust to weather and reduced visibility. Our software can handle the distinctly different images without getting confused.


KEF leverages machine learning to understand mission-relevant context.  As an example,  we can train our lightweight networks to classify, recognize, and localize objects of interest to customers and pilots.

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