About us

We started KEF Robotics (“K-E-F”) based on a love of going big, a desire to achieve excellence, and a shared belief that it takes too long and costs too much to bring robotic capabilities from the lab to the end user.

One of our mottos is "world class in three years". That means that we put ourselves and all of our teammates in a position to achieve and showcase 'best in the world' capabilities within three years of starting at our company.  We do that by hiring great people, giving them project responsibility from Day 1, and supporting them so they can excel. We're coming up on three years in business (December 2021) so we better walk the walk on 'world class' ourselves soon.

We work in a humble warehouse and don't have any interest in pageantry, but we spend big on equipment, materials, testing and travel so our engineers are as unconstrained as possible.  We have ample warehouse space, exclusive access to exceptional test ranges, and a cluttered electronics lab to build everything we need.  We don't post much media because we're working on projects that demand discretion, and because we're moving so quickly that most of our content is outdated by the time we'd put it up.


We're growing rapidly while we evolve and improve, and can't wait for the future.


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& groups

KEF invests time and money supporting causes that we believe will increase access to high-quality educational opportunities and jobs, while inspiring young people to nurture their interest in robotics and entrepreneurship.  We focus especially on giving back to our nearest neighbors, with an eye towards developing a talent base that we can, hopefully, someday work with.

Obama Academy Robotics Club

KEF founded and supports the OARC, a club dedicated to support STEM education at Obama Academy, a Pittsburgh-Area public school.


KEF has supported the GBC since 2020 by providing technical internships to high school students interested in robotics and engineering.