We’re a small, focused and ambitious team. We value and seek open communication, self-improvement, humor, and authenticity.

We’re continuing to refine our corporate vision as we mature, but above all we’re seeking to ensure we can provide value to the world, rather than redundancy.  We’d rather try something new and difficult than take the proven path.

If we achieve our goals, we’ll help open the skies to a brilliant future in human flight.  For commercial and defense purposes we’ll help aircraft reach their destinations in challenging environments that would require super-human perception or reaction time. In urban settings we’ll help fly safe, quiet, clean, ubiquitous aircraft that will change the way humans move in the world. 

We’re optimistic that robots and autonomy will make the world a better place, but we are aware that the capabilities we are developing can make people nervous about impacts to jobs, privacy and safety.

While we’re set on being ‘world class’, we aren’t cutting corners while we get there.  From the start of our company we’ve donated time and resources to our neighbors, and we will always seek to help others access the world of autonomy.  We seek out opportunities to support young, aspiring students and engineers from diverse backgrounds, and provide internships, jobs, classes, career advice and connections.

If KEF sounds like a place you'd like to work, send us a note and tell us about yourself.

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