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Auterion Government Solutions and KEF Robotics Announce Strategic Partnership with Integration of Tailwind™ into AuterionOS

Auterion Government Solutions and KEF Robotics announce a strategic partnership utilizing AuterionOS, the trusted software platform for robotics and autonomous systems, to deploy KEF’s best-of-breed autonomy capabilities. This partnership brings together the expertise of both organizations to deliver cutting-edge autonomy solutions that will enable our customers to pilot and fly missions in contested and GPS-denied environments.


Auterion Government Solutions (AGS), a leading provider of interoperable software platforms for robotics and autonomous systems (RAS), and KEF Robotics, a pioneer in vision-based aerial autonomy, are thrilled to announce a strategic partnership aimed at driving innovation and enhancing autonomous systems for government applications. This partnership brings together the expertise and capabilities of both organizations to deliver cutting-edge autonomy solutions that will enable our customers to operate in the most demanding environments.


The collaboration between AGS and KEF Robotics represents a significant milestone in the pursuit of creating highly-reliable, autonomous unmanned systems for contested and near-peer clandestine environments. By combining AGS's industry-leading modular software platform with KEF Robotics's state-of-the-art, vision-based aerial autonomy solutions, the partnership aims to address critical challenges faced by government customers in areas such as defense, security, disaster response, and infrastructure management.


Under this partnership, KEF Robotics’s autonomy solution, Tailwind, was integrated into AuterionOS to create the framework that will bring advanced autonomous capabilities to all RAS powered by Auterion. AuterionOS is the trusted operating system platform for autonomous and robotic systems and provides the interoperable software architecture to support the next-generation of autonomous technology across land, sea, and air.  


The Tailwind autonomy application adds to an extensive list of out-of-the-box autonomous solutions accessible by Auterion-powered systems, including applications for flight control, autonomy, payload control, radio communication, and software updates. By integrating KEF Robotics's solutions for terrain relative navigation, hazard detection and avoidance, and path planning, the partnership provides the autonomy to execute end-to-end missions in the most demanding environments, including operations in areas of GPS or RF jamming. 


"We are excited to partner with KEF Robotics to accelerate advancements in autonomous systems for government applications," said Errol Farr, President at Auterion Government Solutions. "This partnership brings together our expertise in modular, interoperable software platforms with KEF Robotics's cutting-edge autonomous technology, enabling us to provide our customers with highly-capable and reliable unmanned systems."


Fraser Kitchell, CEO at KEF Robotics, added, "We are excited to collaborate with Auterion Government Solutions and combine our expertise to deliver next-generation autonomous solutions for government applications. By leveraging AGS's industry-leading software platform and our advanced autonomous technology, we aim to address critical challenges and unlock new possibilities in government operations."


About Auterion Government Solutions 

Auterion Government Solutions is a trusted provider of open-source software platforms for unmanned systems. With a focus on government applications, AGS enables agencies to leverage cutting-edge technology and create advanced autonomous systems. AGS's platforms AuterionOS and Skynode provide a secure and reliable software platform that enhances the capabilities of unmanned systems for government operations.


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About KEF Robotics


KEF Robotics provides state-of-the-art autonomy software to fly aircraft without a human pilot.  A computer vision company at its core, KEF’s algorithms leverage cameras to enable autonomous flight across a variety of platforms and use cases. Our mission is to improve the safety and reliability of aircraft, expand their range and utility, and allow them to fly without GPS or a human pilot.  


Learn more about KEF Robotics: 

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AGS ​​Media Contact

Danielle Catalino

1 (818) 963-1118


KEF Robotics Media Contact

Olga Pogoda




Terrain Relative Navigation preformed by KEF's Tailwind software.

Image demonstrates KEF's global positioning system alternative.

Auterion aircraft with KEF's Tailwind software onboard.

Auterion Government Solutions and KEF Robotics combined technologies during a recent field test. Photos provided by Andrew Ashley.


Hazard detection and avoidance navigated by Tailwind software.

Image exhibits KEF's hazard detection and avoidance capabilities. 

Auterion Government Solutions aircraft guided by KEF's Tailwind technology.

Auterion Government Solutions and KEF Robotics combined technologies during a recent field test. Photos provided by Andrew Ashley.


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